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Getting involved and making a difference in the world is what Unitarian Universalists do. We are active because we firmly believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all and respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. As the Summer winds to a close and Fall rolls in, the rise for climate, jobs, and justice continues. October brings with it a call for solidarity with those on the front lines of climate injustice, from youth, to Indigenous peoples, to those affected by Hurricane Florence. The UU Ministry for Earth community can engage through vigils, supporting climate litigation, working with communities on the frontlines, and making contributions where needed.



UUs Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice (photo-essay)

All over the world -- on every continent on the planet -- people participated in the Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice mobilization on September 8, 2018. Unitarian Universalists participated in this historic day across the world, and UU Ministry for Earth joined the U.S. national march in San Francisco as a partner organization.

Children's Trust


Join a Youth v. Gov Vigil or Organize One in Your Area

After years of delay, twenty-one young plaintiffs will have their case against the Federal Government heard on October 29, 2018. Despite knowing about the dangers of climate change, the United States government has continued to pursue irresponsible fossil fuel development, harming the health of communities and threatening futures. UU's can show their support for the youth in this historic lawsuit by gathering at Federal Buildings throughout the U.S. for vigils on October 29th.

Indigenous Peoples Day


Indigenous Peoples Day, Monday, October 8

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day in lieu of Columbus Day is a choice to celebrate the inherent worth and dignity of every person and to end the glorification of the cultural and ecological genocide caused by colonization. Unitarian Universalists are called by our values to support the wellspring of Indigenous-led movements for climate justice.

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Florence Recover


Solidarity for a Just Florence Recovery

Hurricane Florence and its aftermath have put the health of 160,000 people at risk through flooding, coal ash dump breaches, overflowing of manure lagoons, and other (un)natural disasters. UU Ministry for Earth supports the frontline organizations working to serve the most impacted and least able to recover populations. By supporting these organizations UU's can help to ensure that restoration is equitable and that people will be empowered to form more resilient communities for the future

San Francisco march photo courtesy Aly Tharp
Youth vs Government photo courtesy of youthvgov.org
Water for Camp, painting by Charles M. Russell (public domain)

Florence Recovery photo courtesy USAToday.com


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