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Dear beloveds, 

Have you ever wondered, Why were the minority neighborhoods in Texas the first to lose power during the recent power blackouts? Why are polluting industries and waste dumps always sited where Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) folks live? Why has the Covid pandemic been particularly devastating for the poor, marginalized BIPOC communities? And, yet, why have they been deprived of early vaccination? The list of injustices is never ending!

So, why do climate justice work in a UU church? Our faith calls us to build the Beloved Community that Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King dreamed of. We cannot build a Beloved Community when racism, oppression and discrimination is the custom of the land. Our principles call on us to uphold the inherent worth and dignity of all and to respect the interdependent web of all existence. And the proposed Eighth Principle calls us to accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions. Then, how can we not, as UUs, dedicate ourselves to finding justice for the most vulnerable who are least responsible for the continued destruction of our environment but are ignored time and time again. Indeed, the BIPOC are hardly ever at the table to represent their own interests! 

In collaboration with the UU Ministry for Earth, we are privileged to the recent launch of a caucus for BIPOC UUs who are passionate about the intersections of racial, environmental and climate injustices. 

Why a separate caucus for BIPOC? As we said above, we have long witnessed the disproportionate and disastrous impacts of climate change on communities of color. The BIPOC caucus will create a space for us to meet with others devoted to environmental and climate justice work, and also be a voice for us in the broader environmental and climate justice movement. It will allow us to form bonds with other BIPOC who fight not only racial and environmental injustices but are also the embodiment of living through a long history of injustice and cruelty. 

Meetings of the group are open to everyone right now, irrespective of their racial identity, with time set aside for BIPOC and White caucusing. Starting this summer, the mutliracial group will meet approximately once a quarter, and the BIPOC caucus will meet roughly monthly.

We are grateful for the UUMFE for giving us a home as we begin this journey, and for offering time, energy and support. And, we thank all those who joined us for our first meeting and hope to see more folks attend the second session, on Thursday, March 18 at 5pm PT / 8pm EDT - you can find more information below in this newsletter. We pray that they keep coming back, that the caucus grows, and that we can engage in meaningful and spiritually fulfilling work. Amen. 

In faith and solidarity,

Paula Cole Jones
All Souls Church,
Washington, DC



Rashid Shaikh
First Parish,
Cambridge, MA






Can you believe the Spring Equinox is less than two weeks away? As the ground begins to thaw, UU Ministry for Earth hopes you can join Spring for Change – A Season of Sacred Activism and explore Pathways to Healing & Regeneration. Individuals, families, and entire faith communities are invited to journey together through learning, reflection, practice, & action.

Spring for Change Program Highlights


Spring Equinox & Spring for Change Opening Celebration

Saturday, March 20 - 9am PT / 12pm ET

This program will include singing, spiritual practices, a keynote speech, and setting intentions for a beautiful Spring for Change – Season of Sacred Activism. Stay tuned for more details!


Whole Earth, Whole Church Congregational Climate Convergence 

Saturday, March 20 - 11am-2pm PT / 2-5 ET

This virtual convergence will include inspirational grounding, and plenary and breakout sessions focusing on tools for congregations to build capacity for climate action and justice, grounded in UU values. It will also include an introduction to the new UUA Green Sanctuary 2030: Mobilizing for Climate Justice, A Roadmap for Congregations to Rise to the Crisis. Teams of 2-5 people per congregation are encouraged to attend!



Sign Up for Virtual Earth Sunday Resources

UU Ministry for Earth is producing a robust and beautiful virtual worship service for use in full or in part by participating congregations this Spring. The featured sermon will be delivered by The Rev. Yadennee Hailu! 

This service is being developed with “Earth Sunday” (April 18 or 25) in mind, but can be used on whatever Sunday works best for your congregation’s worship calendar. More details will be announced on March 20, and all resources will be published on a password protected website by April 8. 



Join the Biodiversity Sunday & Endangered Art Species Project

UU Ministry for Earth will support a cohort of families and congregations who want to participate in the 2021 Biodiversity Sunday and Endangered Species Art Project. Together, UUs will honor, celebrate and commit to restore and protect the Web of Life. This program is ideal for families and/or congregations who are seeking new Religious Education content for May-June 2021, and are interested in building multi-generational connections and spiritually nourishing experiences with their families, youth groups, climate/environmental teams, and worship teams. 



APPLY BY MARCH 12! Liberation on the Land Discussion Series

March 25, April 8 & 22, May 6 & 20 at 3-5pm PT / 6-8 ET

*Participation is limited to 

8 individuals who commit to all sessions.*

How do humans relate to the land and how does that reflect our understandings of the sacred? Root more deeply in foodsheds and watersheds in this new course taught by UU minister and UUMFE board member Ariel Aaronson-Eves! Participants will meet biweekly on Zoom, share thoughts and resources together on CreateClimateJustice.net, and be involved in growing food in some way. Although no one will be turned away for lack of funds, confirmed participants are invited to donate to UUMFE.



REGISTER BY MARCH 18!  Intergenerational Spring Seminar –

All In for Climate Justice: Food Equity and Sustainability
April 9 - 11

This dynamic event will feature a keynote speaker from Soul Fire Farm, an Afro-Indigenous centered community farm connecting racial and food justice. Participants will journey in learning and take action toward achieving climate justice through more equitable and sustainable food systems. Co-hosted by the UUA Office at the United Nations in partnership with UU Ministry for Earth. 







Sacred People Sacred Earth Day of Action

Thursday, March 11 at 8am PT/ 9 MT/ 10 CT/ 11 ET

UU Ministry For Earth will be joining the largest-ever multi-faith grassroots global Sacred People Sacred Earth Day of Action for climate justice, put forth by GreenFaith. UUs will be joining hundreds of actions around the world to show that people of faith are rising up for bold, compassionate solutions on climate change. Gathering at the Washington Monument, people of faith will sound the 11th Hour Alarm! for climate justice, calling on the Biden Administration and the US Congress to take action. The action will be livestreamed from the Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA) Facebook Page, and for those gathering in-person, Covid-safe protocol will be strictly adhered to.  



Write Letters to Steve Martinez and All NoDAPL Political Prisoners
Friday, March 12 at 4pm PT / 5 MT / 6 CT / 7 ET

Join the Unitarian Universalist Association, UU Ministry For Earth, UU Service Committee and Love Resists for a letter writing campaign to show solidarity with Steve Martinez, a NoDAPL political prisoner who has been recently incarcerated after refusing to face a grand jury for a second time. Steve, an Indigenous water protector, was first subpoenaed to a federal grand jury in 2017 for his participation in the NoDAPL resistance movement and refused to comply then as now. This recent targeting came as a disconcerting surprise to many who have been supporting water protector political prisoners for the past four years. On the call, hear from UU organizers about Steve’s current legal situation, and write your own letter to Steve and other NoDAPL political prisoners. Another way to support is to donate to Steve’s GoFundMe.


BIPOC Caucus on Climate Justice Session #2: Lessons from Justice on Earth

Wednesday, March 18 at 5pm PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET

All are welcome to join the second session of the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Caucus on Climate Justice. This caucus is held monthly and the first 5 sessions are open to all and will include both a BIPOC and a White caucus space. This second session will explore lessons from the book Justice on Earth: People of Faith Working at the Intersections of Race, Class, and the Environment edited by Manish Mishra-Marzetti and Jennifer Nordstrom, which was the 2018-19 UUA Common Read. 

Learn more about the BIPOC Caucus, which is being convened by Paula Cole Jones and Rashid Raikh, in collaboration with UU Ministry for Earth, and is inspired by the UU Seventh Principle (respect for the interdependent web of all existence) and the Eighth Principle (accountably dismantle racism and all other oppressions). 


Young Adult-led World Water Day Worship 

Sunday, March 21 at 5pm PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET

All are invited to join this World Water Day Worship, co-hosted by the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice Network and the Young Adult Revival Network worship team. This worship will center youth and young adult perspectives on water justice and explore spiritual connections between water and climate justice. 





Meet Stacy Craig, Climate Change Chaplain

Stacy Craig will serve as one of the chaplains at the upcoming Intergenerational Spring Seminar, co-hosted by the UU Office at the United Nations and UUMFE (register here before March 18!). Craig arrives at the seminar, and to the broader UU faith community, grounded in a specific calling: to offer climate chaplaincy for young people. Learn more about her and her work, in this conversation between her and Amelia Diehl (UUYACJ Network Coordinator and Communications Specialist). This rich dialogue covers Craig’s path to chaplaincy, personal experiences with grief and loss, and what practices ground her in this work



Intergenerational Climate Dialogue - Session #3 - March 24 at 5pm PT / 8 ET - SIGN UP

PowerShift Youth Climate Convergence - April 16-25 (Priority registration closes March 26, remains open until Convergence) - REGISTER


SIGN UP to join the UUYACJ Cohort!

Project Drawdown UU EcoChallenge - SIGN UP

Write Here! Write Now! Letter Writing Campaign - SIGN UP 



BONUS RECIPE: Vegan Irish Soda Bread
5 simple ingredients and ready in 30 minutes.






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