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UU Ministry for Earth

Dear friend,

Today, I am risking arrest at a J.P. Morgan Chase Bank --- the biggest financier of fossil fuel extraction worldwide --- at an event that is part of the Extinction Rebellion's International Week of Rebellion, April 15-22nd. 

I am doing this in solidarity with all the communities, human and non-human, being poisoned by the dirty energy projects that Chase finances. I am doing this in solidarity with all the communities, human and non-human, on the frontlines of the climate crisis who are facing tremendous loss and difficulty due to broad systemic failures to address this crisis.

Together, we must shift our civilization from an exploitative to a regenerative way of life.

UUs across the world are joining forces with millions of people of faith and conscience who are rising up in a myriad of ways to make this shift. Please remember to take a few minutes to tell UUMFE what your UU community is doing for Earth Day and this Spring for Change - Season of Sacred Activism!

“The time for excuses is over. The struggle to overthrow our life-denying system has begun.”  - George Monbiot 

In faith and solidarity, 
Aly Tharp
Program Director, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth


Climate Flash Choir performs Hallelujah

Dana Clark is a singer-songwriter and a long-time member of First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio. She has written words to "Hallelujah for the Earth," to Leonard Cohen's music. In March the choir performed at the San Antonio City Council meeting in an effort to persuade the Council to vote in favor of the City’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. Dana has provided the lyrics and sheet music for this song for anyone that would like to use.


Write Here! Write Now! Tell US Senators to Act on Climate

UUMFE is partnering with the UUs for Social Justice (UUSJ) for a “Write Here! Write Now!” letter-writing advocacy campaign during Spring For Change: A Season of Sacred Activism. This year the campaign focus will be to tell our U.S. Senators that urgent action is needed to address the climate crisis. With the introduction of the Green New Deal resolutions and carbon pricing legislation, there is new energy and growing public support for addressing comprehensive climate policy issues. We want to urge our Senators to take action NOW!


Earth Sunday Share the Plate Collections

Please help grow and sustain the UU Ministry for Earth by taking a “Share the Plate” donation for us in your congregation on Earth Sunday (or an appropriate worship service during the Spring for Change Season of Sacred Activism). UUMFE has resources to support you with "making the ask" and taking a collection!

Share your Earth Sunday events with us!

"Rebel for Life," courtesy xrebellion.org
"Hallelujah" courtesy Dana Clark
"Write Here" image courtesy All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington D.C.

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